7th Grade Math Quiz #3

Question 1: How many cups are in 10 quarts?

Question 2: What is the range of the following set of data: 12, -2, 9, 3, 2.4, 7.1, 11?

Question 3: John starts a saving account with $100. Every week he adds $6 to his account. Which equation can be used to determine the number of weeks w, after which John's accounts reaches $220?

Question 4: If a, b and c are odd integers, which of the following expressions must be an even integer?

Question 5: What is the approximate percentage of all employees of Company A that are operators?

Question 6: The two circles in the figure below intersect each other in M and N. Both circles have radii of 4 inches. AB = 3 inches where A and B are the points of intersection of segment O1 and O2 with the two circles.
gre, circles, geometry
What is the length O1O2?

Question 7: Mike bought 5 shirts and 4 ties. The cost of a tie is $9 and the cost of a shirt is $15.
Which equation can be used to find the total cost of the 5 shirts and 4 ties, p?

Question 8: 102 - (33 - 42)2 =

Question 9: line
Which equation best represents the line graphs above ?

Question 10: What is the least common multiple of 15, 9 and 6?

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